About Us


Welcome to the website. The following articles will explain in detail what I do but let me give you the rundown and summarize it. I’m developing an instructional music series where I video record musicians playing songs and/or teaching their instrument. These recordings will be  streamed on my website theverybestpianoinstruction.com. The projected date to make this site live is early 2020. The two articles with their explanatory titles “Invitation to Record” and “Taking Part in the Project” cover the details. The next two articles “Making a Recording” and “Making a Performance Video” are services I can provide for either trade for the above work or payment. The fifth article “Royalty Payments” is about getting paid on a percentage of the sales rather than by the hour or session. The 2 videos “Our Competition and Getting Paid” can be viewed by going to the menu and clicking  Videos.

Let me warn you; Microsoft Word’s word count is over 8,000 on these combined articles and since an average reader reads 200 words per minute, just looked that up, going from top to bottom is a 40 minute read, add glancing over from copy to 12 pictures back to copy, 5 seconds per look makes it 41 minutes, including this intro, 42 minutes. So take the advice of any credible high school English Teacher and skip and skim what doesn’t apply and you’ll be back to what you were doing in no time. I want to thank my son Spencer who recently became a pilot and edited these articles whose grammar and writing skills, common sense and keen red pen probably saved you 3 minutes.